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Raffle Eligibility

All registered charities, non-profits, or religious organizations are eligible to run a raffle. Rules and regulations vary from provinces and states, so check with your local jurisdiction’s gaming regulator for eligibility.

Raffle Rocket is available for use exclusively for charitable organizations, non-profits and faith based organizations that are eligible to run raffles in their jurisdiction (State or Province). The system will ask for your charitable registration number or incorporation details, it will ask for a copy of your raffle license, and once done, our team will validate that you are able to use our system and approve you to proceed with the raffle.

Check with your local jurisdiction’s gaming authority to find out in full detail. The easiest way is to Google Search the following: [Name of your State/Province] + [Raffle Eligibility].

Your organization is responsible to get the license and follow all raffle rules in your jurisdiction. Raffle Rocket provides the online marketplace, and where certified, the draw capabilities which help charities to reach more buyers.

Right now, Raffle Rocket is supported in the following countries: Canada, United States, and Australia. 

Getting Started

A raffle is a means of fundraising money by selling numbered tickets in exchange for a chance at winning one or more prizes. 

Raffles are a great way to raise funds for a charity, non-profit, or church.  Being one of the most popular methods of fundraising, raffles generate plenty of excitement among participants.

You will need to apply for a raffle license unless your state or province allows raffles without one. Check with your local jurisdiction’s gaming authority to find out in full detail. If you have, or are in the process of receiving a license, start building your raffle here.

It can take up to 2 business days so be sure to give yourself enough time! If you have a raffle license, prizes, and ticket details organized, you can complete the Raffle Rocket setup easily in 15 – 30 minutes. Once that is done, you will “request approval” which is the step where our team reviews your eligibility and ensures it’s a legal raffle. Our review process will happen Monday-Friday during standard business hours. We will usually be approving in less than a day, but could be up to 2 business days in some cases. Once approved, you can go live at any point and start selling tickets!

We permit raffles of up to $2,000,000 in total ticket value.

If you want to ensure select groups of people participate in your raffle, it would be best to keep your event private and only promote among your target audience. If you want to open your event to a wider audience, a public raffle will be visible on Raffle Rocket’s website for greater exposure. That, combined with your social marketing efforts can lead to a highly successful event!

Raffle Rocket is currently in testing by Gaming Labs International to ensure it’s able to be certified in British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, and Manitoba. Testing involves a third party doing a deep dive into our system and ensuring we meet all requirements to run safe and legal raffles as a certified ERS. This process can take 2-3 months. Once certified, we will go to each province to become a registered ERS and offer the full functionality of random number draws and official ticket issuance.


Raffle Rocket permits up to 2 million tickets per raffle. In general, you cannot sell any more tickets than what has been outlined in your raffle license. Please abide by the rules and regulations of your local jurisdiction’s gaming authority.

Guests who purchase tickets through Raffle Rocket will be emailed their ticket numbers. Check with your local gaming authority to confirm if purchasers require physical copies of tickets. If so, you are responsible for making sure all purchasers receive their tickets.

Raffle Rocket can support up to 10 ticket tiers. Your ticket tiers must match what is outlined on your raffle license.


Some of the most popular items are cash prizes, trips, gift baskets, and a 50/50 pot, meaning the winner takes 50% of the total raffle sales and the other 50% goes to the organization running the raffle.

You will need to manually draw your winners once sales end. You can draw a winner using physical tickets, or by using a third-party, certified Random Number Generator (RNG). It is recommended to check with your local gaming authority to see if there any rules on how to complete an offline draw. Once you’ve drawn a winner, you can enter the winning ticket into Raffle Rocket to confirm the winner. Once confirmed, the winner will be informed automatically by email.

Organizers will need to maintain physical tickets as sales come in and complete the draw outside of Raffle Rocket. We recognize it’s not ideal, but we know with proper promotions you will sell many more tickets than a typical offline raffle!

Raffle Rocket permits a raffle to include up to 5 prizes. Please abide by your raffle license when creating your prizes.

Yes, Raffle Rocket supports early bird prizes. There must be a minimum of 1 prize drawn after ticket sales end (non-early-bird prize).


Raffle Rocket has a built-in promotions option for returning admins. You will be able to email raffle purchasers from your past events and notify them of your current raffle. You can build out a team of ticket sellers by giving each person a custom sales link. We also make it easy to share your raffle with a custom, exportable QR code, and a personalized URL linking to your raffle page. Click here for more details

Raffle Rocket allows you to create multiple custom sales links. Your team members would receive their own link and sales from those links are tracked on your raffle’s Overview page.

Fees and Payment Collection

There is no upfront charge to start,  you keep over 90% of total ticket sales. Raffle Rocket pricing and sample earnings are available at (link to pricing page)

We allow you to sell in CAD, USD, and AUD.

There is a 7-day delay on payments. Once you make your first ticket sale, 7 days will pass and that payment will be dispersed (along with any other payments made on the same date).  After the initial 7-day delay, payments are dispersed daily for all sales.

You will be required to connect your organization’s Stripe account to your raffle. All raffle sales will then disperse to that account.