How Raffles Work

Running a charitable raffle is easy!  We’ll show you how

Charitable raffles are a great opportunity for organizations that are tight on time and staff resources because they don’t require a ton of setup or volunteer management. You can run a fundraiser raffle single-handedly with a few social media posts, a list of supporters, and a raffle license on behalf of your organization.  

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Have your license ready

If you need a license from your jurisdiction, we’ll publicly display it on your raffle page for compliance

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Have your tickets ready

We provide a service used to promote, sell, and track sales on tickets. If you have ticket stock, our system will sell from that inventory in order

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Enter raffle details

Our self-led setup process helps you customize a raffle from your brand colour to the prizes up for grabs. There’s no time limit to setup

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Promote the Raffle

Share the raffle by email, social media, flyers, or direct mail. We have tools to help any way you can think of!

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Draw the winner

If running an online raffle, our system will draw winners for you. If running an offline raffle, you will draw the winning ticket. Enter the winning ticket in our system to update your raffle page and email the winner automatically.

With Raffle Rocket you can...


Customize your online raffle page with our easy self serve dashboard.


Sell tickets individually or in discounted bundles, up to 10 pricing tiers.


Draw your winner(s) and update your raffle page with their info easily.


Automated communications to purchasers and winners keeps your job simple.

Buying raffle tickets online with Raffle Rocket

Which type of raffle should you run?

Online 50-50 Raffle Icon

50/50 Draw

A chance to win 50% of the funds raised!

Your personalized Raffle Rocket landing page showcases the total pot which is updated live as tickets get purchased. As tickets sell and the pot grows, so does the excitement level!


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Non-Cash Prize

Raffle off a trip, a dream home, a car, or a gift basket!

Prize raffles give your supporters a way to donate while, in return, getting a chance at winning some amazing prizes. Using Raffle Rocket, you can raffle up to 5 prizes per raffle.

Early bird and grand prizes are supported. Why not raffle a combination of cash and non-cash prizes for ultimate excitement!

Image representing Prize Raffle
Online Cash Draw Raffle icon

Cash Raffle​

Raffling off a lump sum of cash can bring greater returns than a typical 50/50 raffle.

Think about it, you work hard on a raffle for weeks, raise thousands of dollars, only to give 50% away to the raffle winner. A cash raffle guarantees only the set prize amount to the winner, which means greater risk, but greater reward too!

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