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Platform fee subject to applicable taxes and all transactions also subject to Stripe‘s 2.9% + $0.30/transaction Payment Processing fees

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in ticket sales

You raised $9211

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These are sample breakdowns. The amount you raise will depend on the location, number of transactions, and total sales of your raffle.

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Raffle Rocket has been certified by Gaming Labs International (GLI) which is required in order to become a certified ERS system across provinces and states. We are also fully certified by Alberta Gaming, Liquor and Cannabis (AGLC) to allow fully certified raffles in the province of Alberta. 

We have plans to apply for certification in British Columbia, Saskatchewan, and Manitoba very soon.  For jurisdictions where Raffle Rocket is not certified, you can still use our platform, but the draw needs to be done offline. For more on this, see the question below: What does an offline draw mean?

We offer our platform as a means to sell tickets, collect payment and inform purchasers/winners of the results. For many jurisdictions, drawing a random winner using an online system does not comply with their charitable gaming laws. You can still use Raffle Rocket for all the features mentioned and all you need to do is to print the physical tickets, place them in a drum, and choose your winner. Raffle Rocket still saves you lots of time, help sell more tickets, and raise more for your cause! Learn more about offline raffles.

Payments are processed through a third party payment processor called Stripe. You connect your banking information to your Stripe account and payouts are be processed and deposited directly into your account. Funds from ticket sales are held in Stripe for the first 7 days of your event before being deposited into your bank account.  After the initial 7-day hold period, payouts are made daily.

Stripe charges 2.9% + $0.30 per transaction.

Taxes are not applied on raffle ticket sales. Based on your jurisdiction, applicable taxes may be applied to Raffle Rocket’s platform fee.

In Canada, provincial taxes are applied based on CRA regulations. Tax exempt organizations can use the receipt provided to claim back that tax paid with their corporate tax returns.

We are pleased to state that we have zero hidden fees. Our pricing is completely transparent, see below for details:

  • Raffle Rocket’s platform fee: 4% of total ticket sales.
  • Stripe’s payment processing fee: 2.9% of total ticket sales + $0.30 per transaction. 
  • Applicable sales tax: rates are based on your province or state and are only applied to Raffle Rocket’s platform fee.

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