Certification Status

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British Columbia




United States


New Zealand

Certification Status

In 2024

In 2024

In 2024

In 2024

Early 2025

Early 2025

Early 2025

Jurisdiction and Certification Status

Alberta (Est. May 1, 2023)

Saskatchewan (In 2023)

Manitoba (In 2023)

British Columbia (In 2023)

Ontario (In 2023)

United States (Early 2024)

Australia (Early 2024)

New Zealand (Early 2024)

The above list is just the start for Raffle Rocket. We plan on becoming certified in all locations that have a need to fundraise through online raffles!

What does it mean to be certified?

This means that Raffle Rocket complies with the raffle rules outlined by the state or province’s gaming authority. This also allows the use of our Random Number Generator (RNG) to draw raffle winners online.

If my jurisdiction isn't certified or listed above, can I still use Raffle Rocket?

Absolutely, so long as your province or state allows raffles to be managed through an online platform. In this case, Raffle Rocket can be used as a means to sell tickets, collect payment, and inform purchasers/winners of the results. The key difference is that you need to draw raffle winners outside of our platform. For more information, check out What Is An Offline Raffle.

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If my jurisdiction isn't certified or listed above, can I still use Raffle Rocket?

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