Sample Prize Claim Instructions

I won, now what!?

Since this usually isn’t a “live” raffle with all the ticket purchasers standing around,  tickets in hand listening intently for their number to be drawn,  there needs to be an explanation provided to ticket holders on what is required of them when they hold the winning ticket!

Raffle Rocket helps you inform your winner by emailing them automatically when their ticket is drawn, in both online and offline draw scenario’s. The winner will then be provided some instructions written by you, the raffle administrator explaining what they need to do to claim their prize! Every scenario is different, but we have provided some examples to start you off below this sample of the email a winner receives.

Instruction Samples

Congratulations, you’ve won!!

To claim your prize, please contact ‘organization’ by ‘deadlinetoclaim’ with your winning ticket number ready.

We will need to confirm your eligibility per the rules of the raffle to release the winnings.
If we do not hear from you within this timeline your prize will be forfeited.

Organization Contact Info:



Thank you for your support!

Congratulations! With more than ‘a million‘ entrants, your ticket has been selected as one of our lucky winners in the raffle. Please follow these instructions to claim your prize.

Phone ‘raffleadminname‘ by ‘deadlinetocontact‘ to confirm your eligibility and arrange to pick up your prize at ‘orglocation‘.

Thank you for your generous support of ‘organizationname’