Let us do the writing for you

Because finding the words to describe your raffle can be hard!

About Your Raffle

Encourage viewers to buy with an explanation about what’s in it for them, and what’s in it for you! Raffles are a big part of charity fundraising but many people might not realize that buying a ticket for a chance to win has the added benefit of helping a great cause, while also giving themselves a chance at winning some stellar prizes.

Don’t let the opportunity to share your mission with a new audience go to waste!  

The best descriptions include:

  • An emphasis on the cause
  • Strong tie to your mission
  • A call to action

Find some samples below to get your creative juices flowing, or start from scratch but definitely fill out the space for Raffle Description on the “about page” of your raffle.

Sample Descriptions

Example Charity is excited to announce our online 50/50 fundraiser! Grab your tickets now!

Example Charity exists to – insert statement from your mission and vision to appeal to people! We are proudly Canadian and serve people with addictions around our community.

Funds raised will support – insert current need/initiative  – this important cause and enable us to continue our good work.

The winner will be contacted to claim their prize.

Get your tickets today!

Don’t wait!! Grab your tickets now!

This fundraiser by ‘sample charity’ is running to raise funds for research to make innovation in ‘insert cause here’ widely available across North America. As a result, we can improve the lives of many children and their families. This year’s raffle has prizes like none we’ve seen before.

Have fun with us! Don’t miss your chance to support ‘examplecharity’ and WIN!

Online 50/50 ‘examplecharity’ Fundraiser

‘Examplecharity’ exists to support people with ‘cause’ in our community by:  

  • Raising funds for innovation
  • Providing education
  • Giving access to…

Your ticket purchase changes lives. Thank you for supporting ‘cause’ in our community.