How offline raffles work

While we undergo certification, Raffle Rocket is your storefront, ticket management, and communication tool for raffles until we are a fully certified Electronic Raffle System. We base this off the information provided in our jurisdiction and others near us.    Citations available at the bottom of this article.

Confirm the following with your local gaming authority before proceeding:

Can a raffle in your area use the Internet to:

  1. Advertise the raffle
  2. Accept ticket orders and payment on a PCI compliant platform

Some conditions may apply such as below:

  • The tickets or ticket numbers must not exclusively be distributed to the ticket purchaser electronically e.g. via email
  • Tickets must be mailed to ticket purchasers
  • Use of a random number generator (RNG) to select prize winner(s) is not allowed; a manual draw must be used

If the answer to the above is YES, congratulations!  You can proceed with your Raffle on Raffle Rocket safely.

Brand this page in your colour scheme, add your logo, include an optional banner image, a description, and promote any sponsors of the raffle. You can even integrate with your Bid Beacon silent auction to allow guests to participate in both your raffle and auction.

All required information for a fully legal raffle can be presented to your ticket purchasers. This includes unique raffle rules, a raffle license number, draw location, claim instructions, winning ticket numbers and winner name.

Prize Types include: 
Non-Cash Prize
Cash Prize
50/50 Prize
*50/50 prize type cannot be set as an early bird prize.

Cash and Non-Cash prizes can be set as early bird prizes to increase excitement and encourage early purchases.

Sell tickets online, expand your reach with no cash handling required.  If needed, you can enter offline purchases manually if someone does want to pay offline.

As this is a means to sell your physical raffle tickets, raffle admins are required to maintain their own ticket stock.   Our system allows you to enter the starting and ending numbers of your ticket stock, and we’ll sell from it sequentially, with no duplications.

It’s best to maintain the ticket stock in a single place, rather than distribute to different volunteers to manage.  So we recommend checking daily for sales, and ensuring those tickets are pulled out and added to the drum for drawing at raffle end.

*Soon, we’ll be offering online RNG draws, where no physical tickets will be required, but for now we have this alternative use option.

After drawing the winning ticket, you can enter the winning number into Raffle Rocket on each prize.   The winners will be emailed to inform them they’ve won, and their winning ticket will be added to the raffle home page.
All other purchasers are informed the winner has been drawn and encouraged to come back and see who won!