Why Pay More for Your Raffle Platform and Receive Less?

Looking for a raffle platform that provides you with the tools to fundraise successfully, without paying up to 80%* more in platform fees? Raffle Rocket has you covered.

Based in Alberta, Raffle Rocket has been helping organizations run online raffles since 2022. While both Raffle Rocket and leading raffle providers serve as fully certified by AGLC online raffle platforms, there are key differences between them. Notably, Raffle Rocket stands out for its significant cost savings and provides you with more fundraising features to help you raise more for your cause. Simply put, you may pay up to 80% more using leading online raffle providers over Raffle Rocket.

*See the Pricing section below for more details

Sign-Up Process

Raffle Rocket

View everything Raffle Rocket has to offer, from features to pricing, all from the website. With our self-serve setup process, you can begin setting up your raffle without any unnecessary delays. 

Signing up only requires your name, email, and country – there are no meetings, phone calls, negotiations or contact forms required to get started

Just sign-up and get started, and we are here to help when needed.

Leading Providers

For many leading raffle providers, you can explore the available features from their website. However, some providers require you to fill out a contact form and wait for a member of their team to reach out before you can begin setting up your raffle.


Raffle Rocket: Competitive Platform Fees Ranging From 4.9%-2.5%

With complete transparency, Raffle Rocket provides a competitive pricing model, offering a no commitment platform fee of just 4.9%. With a subscription plan*, you have the ability to lower this fee. Our Foundation level subscription is available for just $1 for a year, substantially lowering your platform fee to 3.9% for virtually no cost. 

Wouldn’t you rather pay only 3.9% instead of 7.0%? With Raffle Rocket, you could save $310 on a $10,000 raffle, allowing you to allocate more funds towards your cause.

*All subscriptions are cancellable at any time 

Leading Providers: Average Platform Fee of 7%

Alberta customers have told us that they have paid up to 7% in platform fees using other leading raffle providers. 

It is also important to note that these pricing details are typically not made available on their websites. In some cases, you may even need to speak with an account manager to get details on pricing. 

Payment Processing Fees – Using Stripe

When it comes to payment processing fees, Raffle Rocket and many leading providers utilize Stripe, and our fees are identical in this regard. Unless your organization has the nonprofit fee discount with Stripe, the standard Stripe payment processing fee of 2.9% + $0.30 per transaction will apply.


Raffles are highly regulated and tightly structured in the Province of Alberta. Both Raffle Rocket and leading providers offer a range of features to support your raffle efforts.

Online Raffle Features

Additional Features

With Raffle Rocket now being integrated with CommuniBee Suite (CBS), it provides you with access to an array of new features all for one low platform fee. Notably, you can seamlessly consolidate all fundraising activities into one campaign, and conduct both online and hybrid silent auctions through Bid Beacon.

These additional features include:


While the other leading raffle platforms offer a rich array of raffle-specific features, their higher platform fees means that you keep less of what you raised.

Raffle Rocket stands out with a competitive pricing model, being completely self-serve, and having access to additional fundraising features through CommuniBee Suite. 

With the flexibility to lower your platform fee as low as 2.5%, organizations can save big on all their raffle fundraisers. Don’t forget to check out our $1 Foundation level subscription to secure a 3.9% platform fee today and stop paying 80% more in fees and receiving less with other raffle providers. 

Start setting up your own online raffle fundraiser!

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