What Does CommuniBee Suite Mean for Raffle Rocket?

Raffle Rocket has just released its first major update! Our main goal is to give fundraisers complete control over all areas of their fundraising events. With over a year in the making, our team has dedicated countless hours working towards this exact goal. And now, we can proudly announce CommuniBee Suite (CBS). 

Read on as we touch on the CommuniBee Suite, how it works with Raffle Rocket, and most importantly, how it can benefit you and your future fundraising efforts.

CommuniBee Suite, What Is It?

You can think of the CommuniBee as a multi-purpose community management suite. As the name suggests, we are offering a suite a tools that fundraising organizations like yourself can use all year round. Before, Raffle Rocket was simply a point solution to help you host raffle events, but now, you will have the opportunity to do so much more. 

Here is a quick summary of features found within CBS that fundraisers can take advantage of: 

  • Create and sell tickets to events, manage attendees, facilitate check-ins, and more. 
  • Accept donations and sell merchandise throughout the year. 
  • Create fundraising campaigns to share with your audience. 
  • Set up a website or supplement your existing site with our webpage builder. 
  • Promote newsletters & posts, fundraising activities, upcoming events, and more, all with customizable email campaigns. 
  • Host online silent auctions to further maximize your fundraising capabilities. 

The best part of it all is that you can choose which features to use. So, if you simply want to host raffle events through Raffle Rocket, you can continue to do just that. To gain access to CommuniBee Suite, all you need to do is sign up for an account. Once signed into CBS, you can link your Raffle Rocket account to access past raffles and create new ones. If you don’t have a Raffle Rocket account yet, one will be created for you using your CBS account information. We prioritized making a seamless connection between Raffle Rocket and CommuniBee Suite, so even if you start out with just Raffle Rocket, our suite of tools will always be just a few clicks away! 

What’s changing with Raffle Rocket?

Raffle Rocket is still our pride and joy when it comes to online and offline raffles, and it will work no different than it does today. We are simply giving fundraisers more tools, through CBS, to help you plan, manage, and execute fundraising events easier than ever before. 

The only change is to Raffle Rocket’s platform fee which is increasing from 3.9% to 4.9%. This might seem like a drastic hike but don’t worry. With CBS, you will have the ability to lower this fee. Continue reading for more information on reducing your raffle’s platform fee.

Introducing CommuniBee Suite Subscriptions

With CommuniBee Suite, we will be offering three paid subscription tiers that can help you retain revenue, not just from your raffles, but from all your fundraising activities. For each subscription, you have the choice to pay monthly or commit annually and receive 2-months free. Our goal was to make these subscription tiers as simple and easy to understand as possible, so ultimately, the higher your tier, the more you can save.  

To learn more about these subscription tiers, visit CommuniBee Suite’s pricing page. 

In the end, Raffle Rocket as an online and offline raffles app isn’t changing a whole lot. The changes we’ve made can help you and your organization not just raise more but retain more as well. And with CommuniBee Suite, you can now manage all areas of your fundraising event within a single platform. This means you can do away with having multiple subscriptions to manage events, email marketing, web hosting, eCommerce sales, and more. CommuniBee Suite can be your all-in-one platform that puts the fun back into fundraising. For those interested, you can see the full list of CBS features and what’s upcoming.

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