Raffle Rules

Writing your Raffle Rules

Each State or Province has unique requirements for charity raffles.   You will need to check what you are required to inform ticket purchasers about your raffle and follow their guidelines when writing raffle rules.

Here is an example of what some raffle rules might look like, with plenty of room for you to edit and adjust to your specific details!

Sample Rules

1. Players must be present in ‘State/Province’, and be ‘ageofmajority’ years or older at the time of purchase.  Eligibility will be confirmed when winning tickets are presented, and failure to meet these requirements may mean forfeiting the prize. 

2. Tickets will be available online and sold at a rate of:

· 1 for $10 – 20 units available

· 4 for $20 – 125 units available

· 20 for $50 – 26 units available

· 100 for $100 – 90 units available

3. Ticket sales will end on ‘TICKET_SALE_END_DATE’ at ’11:59PM’ with the draw taking place at ‘LOCATION’ on ‘DRAW_DATE.’

4. This raffle will draw for ‘X’ prizes.   There will be a total of ‘X’ winners.  The winner(s) will receive a cash prize of 50% of ticket sales up to a maximum of  ‘TotalTicketValue’ . OR — If running a prize raffle, list each prize & their approximate values here —

5. All ticket numbers will be emailed to ticket purchasers by the platform supplier Raffle Rocket. A physical ticket will be issued in your name by ‘organizationname’ and entered on your behalf for this draw 

6. The winner will be determined by a random draw at ‘drawlocation’ overseen by ‘organizationame’.

7. The winner will be contacted by email from Raffle Rocket & be published on the raffle prize automatically. The winner has ’90 days’ to claim their prize.

8. Draw results will appear on the main raffle page after Draw Date on each prize has passed.

9. By playing you consent to having your name and winning numbers published.

More Sample Text


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Prize Claim Instructions

Don't let a blank slate get you down, grab our sample and tweak from there